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"True Empowerment is the ability to balance our thoughts, feelings, inner drive and actions so that we can embrace our best selves"!

Dr. Marilyn, The SEL Coach

Life Coaching

We all struggle to be heard at times. Sometimes we do not get the validation that we deserve. Sometimes we struggle to find the words to explain how we feel. Sometimes we feel that we are trapped in an inactive world mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Dr. Marilyn's areas of Life Coaching Specialization include Wellness Coaching; Stress Reduction Coaching; Specialty Coaching including LGBTQ; Gen X, Gen Y (Millennial), Gen Z and Anger Management Coaching.

Motivational Speaking

Through empowerment, one can become stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights.

Dr. Marilyn is a natural storyteller and will deliver powerful REAL TALK presentations that have their foundation in her research on how our emotions determine our outcomes. With years of experience working with all age groups, Dr. Marilyn delivers powerful discourses on topics that are important to all demographics.

Presentations are colloquial and professional with a bit of "tea spilled" and some "shade" thrown in for emphasis and entertainment.  Audiences will leave feeling more empowered! Presentations are delivered with the sole purpose of inspiring you and your audience to reach for your goals with gusto.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Research

Dr. Marilyn's active research assessment tool can enhance the path to empowerment for all. It can give you answers to numerous questions that you may have: Who are you? How are you? Who are your friends, family, coworkers, employees? Do they feel validated, respected, and motivated? Are they being allowed to maximize their abilities?


What is their dominant achievement domain? Are they thinkers, feelers, naturally motivated? Do they prefer physical responsibilities rather than desk work? What are their dominant achievement emotions? How can this type of data empower you all to be more successful?



Our highly energized social emotional learning (SEL) seminars and retreats are  designed to incorporate Dr. Marilyn's unique formula for empowerment.

These events will take place in exciting venues: from the mountains to the beaches; from the US mainland to tropical islands like The Bahamas. You can avoid the burnout from sitting in yet another virtual meeting, sitting in traffic, sitting in your office dazed by the haze from your computer screen, or fighting to stay focused in yet another meeting. We are all often overwhelmed by endless ‘to do lists’, and it is hard to take time out for ourselves. This is a way to combine the best of both our worlds.

You will be re-energized, rejuvenated, and most of all empowered to live your best life personally and professionally.

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