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Social Emotional Learning

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in it's most user friendly definition simply means how we get along with others. It requires us to explore questions like:

  • Who we are?

  • How are we?

  • Are we setting appropriate boundaries?

  • Are we making the best choices?

  • Are we being allowed to live up to our fullest potential?

  • Are we treating others with respect and acceptance?

  • Are we validating others?

Dr Marilyn, Measuring Emotions across 96 possibilities.

Dr. Marilyn introducing her SEL Research at a
"Dr. Marilyn Academy" Seminar in Nassau, The Bahamas

SEL Research can answer questions about you, your relationships, your workplace, and your work force, among others. Active SEL research can answer questions like:

  • Am I ready to make huge changes in my life?

  • What is the cultural diversity of my workplace?

  • When are my employees most productive?

  • Am I ensuring that my subordinates reach their maximal potentials?

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