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 Seminars and Retreats

Imagine a misty morning walk or run in the mountains or on a tropical shore?!

Follow this up with an invigorating presentation!


Afterward, spend the day immersed in the local culture!

This is the basic itinerary for Dr. Marilyn's Retreats and Seminars!

Dr. Marilyn takes pride in designing personalized seminars, retreats and workshops that can help to empower you to live your best life, at work or at play ... and they might even be tax deductible!


You will be empowered as you become engrossed in  lively, interactive sessions designed to enhance your achievement outcomes, personally and professionally.

Our Seminars and Retreats are themed to meet your specific interests from runners to researchers; from executives to educators; and from solo living to social interactions.


Dr. Marilyn specializes in creating agendas for self empowerment; relationship building; work and family balance; and body and mind health, to name a few.

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