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Motivational Speaking

"It's not WHAT we are ...
It's WHO and HOW we are"!

Dr. Marilyn, The SEL Coach

Dr Marilyn, Measuring Emotions across 96 possibilities.
"Social Emotional Learning, SEL, is not about changing the world, at large. Rather, it is about changing each of our individual worlds. Subsequently, by a ripple effect, each of our changes will overlap and change our world for the better!"
Dr. Marilyn Simmons

Do you need a speaker for a running, corporate, or educational event?

Dr. Marilyn is passionate about speaking to all demographics on a variety of topics and interests geared toward your areas of interest.
Do you have a theme for an upcoming event?
Why not contact Dr. Marilyn today?

Dr. Marilyn will intertwine your theme with SEL strands which will leave the audience empowered, motivated and inspired to bring about your desired vision and mission.

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