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Could my running story help you

with your personal fitness quest?

Before I started running, I had a good life!

Sadly, deep down I wasn’t happy 

but I couldn’t work out why. 

On paper my life looked great. I had a great job and I was always the life of the party ... but I had a dark secret ... I had a crippling lack of self-esteem.

I had used food and work to numb

myself for years.

The day that I went out for my first "run" - which consisted of mostly walking - was the day that I accepted that nothing could make up for the lack of self care and self love.

Dr Marilyn, Measuring Emotions across 96 possibilities.

My Empowerment Starting Line

I was a suburban housewife and mother with a wardrobe full of beautiful clothes and a “great” job ... but deep down I didn't feel complete because I had a yearn

to fulfill my quest for higher education. 

This quest cost me a great deal. I was also forced to leave my beloved Bahamaland to seek a new life .

Luckily for me, I started my journey to empowerment by going from 200 lbs in May, 1989, to marathon runner in May 1990.

My new life has been tough ...

So I run through it!!

I have embraced the sport of marathon and ultra-marathon running since 1989 with a total of 159 marathons completed in 47 states, as well as 6 ultra-marathons.


To date, June 2018, I have completed these marathons (each 26.2 miles) in 47 of the 50 United States of America, and six (6) in my country of origin, The Bahamas.

I have completed the ultras as follows: four 50 K races, each 31.1 miles, and two 50 mile races.

I was the first Bahamian woman to run and complete a 50 K in the Bahamas.

I have been in last place more times that I can count

but I enjoyed the empowerment of each race!

I have struggled through heat, blisters and tough terrain but it all strengthened me to deal with what waited for me off the course.

The past 29 years of running has helped me to deal with the trials of being an immigrant, single parenthood, nontraditional post-secondary student, and all the trials that come with these special circumstances!

 Currently, I enjoy a running streak where I have not missed a day of running since January 1st, 2012.

Additionally, I "run the year" in amount of miles, every year:

in 2015, I completed 2050.74 miles);

in 2016, I completed 2017 miles;

and in 2017, I completed 2975 miles.

To date in 2018, as of June 14th, I have completed 1011.09 miles.

Dr Marilyn, Measuring Emotions across 96 possibilities.

I have embraced long distance running as a metaphor for my life, for it is INDEED  

"My Longest Run"!!

Running works for me ...

but it might not work for you!

Let me help you to find what works for you as you embrace empowerment through physical fitness!

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