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We have specialized empirically sound assessment instruments designed to assess emotions across multiple domains. We will deliver concise reports and tailor training to meet your specific analytical findings, in areas such as:


  • Leadership Qualities

  • Management Skills

  • Create Ideal Corporate Culture

  • Giving & Receiving Feedback

  • Team Building

  • Impact of Emotions on Productivity

  • Using Achievement Emotions to Enhance Productivity

  • Retirement Readiness Seminars

  • Diversity Sensitivity Training


Dr. Simmons Bowe is a highly experienced, enthusiastic and results-oriented professional with experience in several fields, including K-12 and post-secondary education, biotechnology and banking fields. As such, she can assist:

  • Human Resources 

  • Recruiters

  • SME Businesses

  • Large Departments

  • Corporate Workshops

  • Young Professionals (Professional Licensees & Certifications)

Dr. Simmons Bowe is a SOCIO-EMOTIONAL SUBJECT MATTER  EXPERT!! She can EMPOWER your business as follows:


  • Administer groundbreaking, personalized assessments and follow up training

  • Deliver data driven follow up training to maximize your training budget

  • Help you to enhance customer service

  • Motivate your employees

  • Provide specialized training, such as SOP training in the Biotech industry

  • Design courses SPECIFICALLY for you


Social Emotional "Correctness" is MORE important than ever in the 21st Century!

Ensure that YOUR business is onboard!

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