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International Consultations

"True Empowerment is the ability to balance our thoughts, feelings, inner drive and actions so that we can embrace our best selves"!

Dr. Marilyn, The SEL Coach

Dr. Simmons Bowe will deliver POWERFUL PRESENTATIONS that have their foundation in her research!


Areas of focus include:

  • Civic Organizations 

  • Military (RBDF Rangers, RBPF)

  • Special Clinics with schools (free academy you did)

  • Etc.

These presentations are designed to assist with:


  • Morale Building

  • Navigating Life's Social Emotional Dynamics

  • Balancing Work and Family Life

  • Breaking Through Social Barriers


Some examples of how you can book this DYNAMIC SPEAKER today, include, but are NOT LIMITED to, topics on:


  • Empowerment through 21st Century Social Emotional Theory

  • Enhancing low employee moral

  • Motivating management teams

  • Reaching the community at large through your  civic groups

  • Delivering keynote addresses for your special occasion

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