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The foundation for helping you to gain empowerment is knowing WHO and HOW you are, not simply WHAT you are!

Get your SELf Assessment, INSTANTLY, by clicking the box below!

Our SELf Assessment is based in Dr. Marilyn's original research on achievement emotions, which she calls "CAMP Achievement".


CAMP is an acronym for cognitive (C), affective (A), motivational (M) and physical/physiological (P) achievement.


CAMP Achievement, LLC uses an empirical approach, along with our original social emotional learning (SEL) research.

Our SELF Assessment measures your Dominant Positive Emotion from three possibilities:




Our SELF Assessment measures your Dominant Negative Emotion from five possibilities:






Our SELF Assessment measures your Dominant Brain Response from four possibilities:

  • Cognitive - thinking

  • Affective - feeling

  • Motivational - what drives you

  • Physiological - physical impact that emotions might have on you

After you receive your report, contact us for even more!

CAMP Achievement, LLC provides specialty services that start with our assessment instrument that helps you to find your best attributes across 96 emotional possibilities! We work with individuals, couples, groups and companies. We provide SEL data that serves as a foundation for our life empowerment coaching, seminars and retreats, as well as any specialty training that could serve your specific needs.

Dr Marilyn, Measuring Emotions across 96 possibilities.
Dr Marilyn, Measuring Emotions across 96 possibilities.

We use empirical data to create a plan of action to help overcome everyday social emotional interactions BEFORE they lead to social emotional decay!

We are passionate about helping you to achieve your goals with a passionate, caring research-based approach!

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