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Dr. Marilyn offer services to enhance:

  • Individuals

  • Relationships

  • Career and Family Balance

  • Body and Mind Health

  • Communication Skills


Individual and specialty groups such as:

  • Runners

  • Other Athletes 

  • Civic Organizations

  • Armed Forces (Police/Military)

  • Churches


Dr. Marilyn uses an empirical approach; anchored in her research, to promote personal achievement, anger management, family boundary dynamics training, and other social consultative services:


  • Need help getting re-centered?

  • Feeling unfocused?

  • Just had a life changing experience?

  • Recently divorced?

  • Need help organizing your life?

  • Not "getting along" in your community?


Let us schedule some time to help your COMMUNITY get back on track!

Learn more about Dr. Marilyn's Individual, Couple and Group 

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