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About Me: The Runner

Marilyn Simmons Bowe, ph.d.
The runner

Running since May 1989

Run Streaking since January 2012
181 Full Marathons ... and Counting
12 Ultras ... and Counting
    7 Legacy Coins ... and Counting 
I Persevere with
"Motivation by the Mile"!

My Daily Run
Along the Trails

When I am not in pursuit of empowerment for all, I enjoy traveling and long distance running. I have embodied the sport of marathon running since 1989.


Currently, I am enjoying a running streak where I have not missed a day of running since January 1st, 2012!

Additionally, I have earned a "Legacy Coin" every year since the "Run The Year" inception in 2015. That is, I have "run the year", or more, in amount of miles, every year since 2015. Highlights include: 2015 I ran 2050.74 miles; 2016 I ran 2945.70 miles; 2017 I ran 2975.90  miles; in 2018 I ran 2200.23; 2019 I ran 2031.04 miles; 2020 I ran 2251.49 miles; and in 2021 I ran 2302.95 miles.

As an avid runner, I have completed a total of 181 full marathons as well as 12 ultra-races, as February 2022.  I have completed these marathons in 48 of the 50 United Stated of America, as well as in my country of origin, The Bahamas.

The Finish Line 
Marathon Bahamas
Junkanoo Beach
Nassau, The Bahamas

Dr. Marilyn at the finish line of Marathon Bahamas, Junkanoo Beach, Nassau, The Bahamas, with her awards.

Above all, I am proud to have been the first Bahamian woman to run and complete a 50 K in the Bahamas, in 2015.

Along the Course
Run for Pompey
Great Exuma
The Exumas, The Bahamas

One of my proudest feats is that I have completed the challenging Post Oak Lodge Double (2016 -marathon and 50K); Triple (2017- marathon, 50K, marathon); Triple (2018 - marathon, 25K, marathon); Triple (2019 - heavy marathon, 50K, marathon) and  Triple (2020 -  heavy marathon, 25K, marathon). 

The Finish Line 
Post Oak Challenge
Post Oak Lodge
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dr. Marilyn at the finish line of the Postoak Challenge, Tulsa, OK, 2017.

The hardest thing that I ever did was completing a 100-mile race in 31 hours in August 2019. I was so proud because I never train for a race but I finished this one well within the 36 hour cutoff time!

The First Leg
The Badger 100 Mile Race
Between Orangeville, IL. and Belleville, WI.

My greatest running challenge was completing a virtual race from the Golden Gates Bridge in San Francisco to the Washington Monument, called the Amerithon Challenge. The challenge was started on July 4th, 2016 and I finished the 3521 miles in 11 months and 26 days, on June 26th, 2017 by averaging 10 miles per day!

The Amerithon Challenge
Virtual 3521 Mile Race
Finisher Medal

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