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What Can
Dr. Marilyn
Help You Achieve?

"Every thing that we hope to achieve will be a clash between what we think and what we feel" ~ Dr. Marilyn

Dr Marilyn, Measuring Emotions across 96 possibilities.

The first step towards achievement is knowing WHO and HOW we are!

Dr. Marilyn believes that we are a sum of our experiences but we do not have to hold ourselves hostage to them.

She uses her unique research to help us bring about our desired outcomes! 

Dr. Marilyn applies her Skills to:


In a post-pandemic world, educational institutions need new approaches to support our students.


Dr. Marilyn can provide Achievement data, generated from her original research, as well as specialized training that can serve as a foundation for educational and social services to help ensure academic success for all stakeholders.


Tension in the workplace has become more intense as we transition back from working remotely during the pandemic.


As such, we must ensure that we meet the mental health needs of everyone throughout the organizational structure.

Dr. Marilyn's Achievement data profiles can help organizations to take a data-driven personalized approach which can help relieve tension in the workplace. 


Road rage, police brutality, professional athletes mental health issues are but a few examples of why we need to understand who and how we are as a society.

Dr. Marilyn's offers a way to examine and assess  individuals and groups which can help to reestablish and maintain social harmony.

International Consultations

The internet and social media has made the world a smaller, more interactive place. As such, similar social conflicts can occur between individuals in vastly different places.

Dr. Marilyn uses her unique approach to civic and service organizations to bridge cultural, gender and age group gaps.

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Dr. Marilyn will help you to win the conflict between your thoughts and your feelings so that you can achieve your best outcomes!!

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